Breakfast Briefing
With Pete Picton

Mirror Online Briefing Event With Pete Picton


This morning Vivid attended the Gorkana Media Breakfast Briefing with the Mirror's Online Editorial Director Pete Picton, where he discussed PR and digital insights over coffee and pastries.

We were there to get a valuable inside scoop on the ins-and-outs of the 3rd biggest site in the UK and the 7th most shared site in the world. Pete divulged information on how to grab journalists’ attention, types of content that receives the most engagement on the site, the rise of social media and useful statistics about the Mirror Online.

We discovered that most of what Mirror Online produces now gets traction through social media platforms as it allows users to share and engage with its content, and the Mirror Online has recognised the importance of building and growing their own social media audience as a result.

We asked him which content gets the most engagement on the Mirror Online, and he answered, “our readers are obsessed with food!” He added that we have to be reactive to current conversations; “we don’t control the audience, they control us.”

This was yet another beneficial event from Gorkana- brilliant networking opportunities and a valuable insight into the digital news industry.

We will finish with a quote from Pete: “To me, if you’re online with “www.” in your name, then you should have global ambitions.”