Body Fantasies NEW Website

Vivid launches the NEW Body Fantasies website in advance of major UK retail rollout!


As part of a major campaign to support the UK retail launch of America's No.1 Women's Fragrance brand, Body Fantasies, Vivid PR has launched the brand's new European website today!

Visit to discover this exciting new perfume body spray brand that launches in-store and online at Superdrug later this month.

As announced last December, Vivid is managing PR, social media and digital marketing campaigns for Body Fantasies. As part of this brief, Vivid was commissioned to create a website in which to position the brand and drive online engagement. Vivid enrolled design and development partners Direct Design after proposing a structure, narrative and visual direction for the site. This process included creating a tone, language and character for the brand and selecting model imagery that reflected the brand's key audience. It also involved research to identify key features that optimise consumer engaement such as Paralux scrolling and promotional elements.

With engaging competition dynamics, a live social experience and retailer support structures that drive consumers direct to in-store and online retail, the website delivers a vibrant, engaging and visually exciting platform to present these innovative products as they arrive in the UK.

Vivid Director Paul Evans: "The Body Fantasies project reflects the need for integrated comms solutions across online, social, digital and traditional formats. The combination of the website and how the narrative, visual assets and brand message transposes across multiple media formats is crucial to a strong and identifiable campaign. We're delighted with the site and how many elements are being integrated into social media and press campaigns. We have also worked with Superdrug to ensure the image and tone of Body Fantasies is maintained through to retail and are looking forward to a hugely successful launch."

Experience the new Body Fantasies website today and contact to discuss your website project and/or PR, social media and digital strategies.