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The Future of PR is Inbound...

It's long been the case that an integrated mix across traditional PR, social media and digital is the right way to approach comms strategy in the digital age. Why? Because the media landscape has changed, people's behaviours have changed and the way people source information and express opinions about brands, products, services and other people has changed. Influence is no longer the preserve of a free press. The people are the influencers and it's important for brands to tap into this whilst continuing to seek the goodwill and influence of the media. Bloggers and vloggers are a case in point. The commercialisation of this media genre is staggering and directly reflective of their reach and influence.

Some things remain true to the traditions of PR however. Every campaign starts with a great story; an idea that captures the attention and imagination of an audience. So the mechanisms and comms channels have expanded, and the execution of campaigns needs to be adapted for each environment, but the aim to rise above the noise, get noticed and have an influence is still a key strategic aim. 

It's as important as ever to get this approach absolutely right in a multi-media age. The goodwill of the media, generating press and online coverage, building social media as a vital asset that reaches, engages and influences your audience is critical. Similarly, building advocate relationships with bloggers, ambassadors and other influencers are just as vital. The majority of these campaigns are outbound. They tell a story, sell an image and seek to resonate with an audience that is influenced by it. Evaluating the effect is also more transparent than ever with media evaluation resources, social analytics and digital tools making social and digital PR more measuarable.

Food for thought...


When this is all in check, what could elevate your campaigns to another level? How can you tap into the online/Google culture and tailor content based on what people are asking and searching for? How can you solve their issues? The answer lies in Inbound PR and this is where Vivid is transforming its service offering and your campaigns, with the addition of an Inbound PR service.

The Lead Generation Game...

In short, Inbound is aligned to the reality that, for the majority of people, the Internet, and more specifically Google is a main port of call when looking for a product or service. Whether you're a business or a consumer, people use the search facility to look for specific information, answers and solutions based on their search request. Incidentally, these searches rarely correlate to the search terms and keywords many website owners prioritise in their SEO or AdWord campaigns. Inbound campaigns are launched based on what people are actually searching for, the questions they are asking and the solutions they are looking for.

As a certified partner with one of the world's largest Inbound platforms*, we create content to elevate your blog views and website visits using search intelligence based around your profile customer. We create custom downloadable content to help answer people's questions and solve their issues and, in the process, position your brand or service as the solution. When they download your content, it activates an automated process to take them on a journey that generates leads, conversions and sales for your business.

And this is proven to work. Companies currently embracing Inbound are experiencing sales growth of 28%. If you want to add a new dimension to your PR, now is the time to talk to Vivid.  

Contact Paul Evans at Vivid on 01372 476 362 or email paul@vividpr.co.uk


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 * Vivid is a HubSpot partner and utilises this platform for Inbound campaigns