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More Fake News...what happens when you buy Instagram followers?

Often the most obvious metrics are consulted to determine the popularity of a business, brand or person on social media. How many fans, followers or 'Likes' you have somehow defines your 'value'.

In the social media industry, fanbases can be used as a measure of effectiveness for the platforms you manage. BUT, and it's a big but. Ask anyone who uses social media how many of their 'friends' are real versus how many people they are connected to that they either don't know, have never met and are unlikely ever to meet or converse with, and you start to unpick the meaning of genuine fans.

For brands it's not so much about the numbers, but building a community of people with a genuine passion for your brand and shared interests. It's better to have 1,000 genuine fans and a social community that is engaged, interested and advocating for your brand, rather than 10,000 with zero interest and zero engagement. Tempted by the need to create a perception, many brands are tempted into buying followers...or Fake Followers as they are better known.
But what happens when you do this?

Find out on this blog out and you might well re-think your strategy https://goo.gl/Fa7I1x

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