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Twitter Audit...a simple tool to find the fakers.

Following on from last week's Fake Followers article, which focussed on Instagram, the issue of fake accounts inflating fandoms is also rife on other social media accounts .

As you can see from the graphic above, no-one is immune to fakers. Having an inflated following to create perceptions is one thing, but for brands looking to generate a return on investment from social media, minimising fakers is a must. Only fans that have a genuine passion for you will enage and share your content.

And for agencies managing social media accounts, engagement is used as a key metric to measure agency performance, which is an almost impossible ask if accounts are infiltrated with fake accounts.

This audit tool from Twitter is very useful, and very revealing too. Perform your audit today and see how real your audience is on Twitter. Here's ours...

Click here to go to Twitter Audit https://www.twitteraudit.com/

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