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Who are the Millennials and how do you market to them?

In the current social and digital media climate, targeting Millennials comes up a lot. They are seen as key success levers which brands are eager to influence. Why? First, they are the largest living generation and second, as a diverse population of young consumers they are least likely to respond to more traditional advertising and marketing methods. Millennials could quite legitimately be defined as the device generation too; mobile dependent, social media obsessives and content consumers that love to see themselves as part of the story.

Subsequently, Millennials represent a fertile hunting ground for influence-seeking brands who want to invite Millennials to be part of their brand narrative and advocates for it. Millennials love to discover new things, be regarded as the discoverer and exert influence on their friends, fans and followings.

The reasons brands want to influence these influencers are many, and self-evident. One is the numbers with some 2.5 billion Millennials worldwide. Next they are the most ethnically diverse and, crucially, they were born in the technological, social media generation. Social media is a second nature and this, in part, explains its phenomenal growth, the dependency of this generation on it, and their dominance and power when it comes to peer-to-peer influence via it.

It's kind of a digital version of word-of-mouth - which incidentally was always considered as the most powerful, yet invisible and intangigble PR assets of yesteryear.   

With the evolution of social media; its reach, power and influence - and of course it's commercialisation - Millennials must be part of the plan. Strategies to appeal to, influence and inspire this cohort are essential.

Click on the image above or here to checkout these 27 Expert Tips for Marketing to Millennials which form a key part of our approach at Vivid. If your strategy does not directly address this audience, if your social narrative and content is too generic or you feel you're not driving engagement among this demographic, call one of our experts to discuss how we can help. 

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